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Models and other concepts

20 inch scale model bridge
Hack & slash log bridges.

20 inch scale model bridge
A 20" 1/20 scale model out of oak and red cedar.

3' scale model bridge
A 3 foot 1/6 scale model out of red cedar.

40t 1/12 scale model bridge
A 2 foot 1/12 scale model of a 40t bridge.

popsicle stick model bridge
Simple models from popsicle sticks.

Or how about a 100 foot diameter completely free-standing dome?
Lower? Higher? Smaller? No problem.
It may be a lot of copies, but it's still made with only 2 parts.
With a fabric roof and some of the arch feet standing on a circular rail,
up to 1/3 of the dome could roll open and close.

Any height arch, up to semi-circular, may also replace a conventional roof truss
to totally open up the attic space.

Another of the many interesting features of this construction technique is its collapsability, making it suitable for semi-permanent or demountable structures such as greenhouses, tents, sheds, cabins, etc.

A flat deck variation for stable banks.

Sketch of a design for 20t and up bridges.

A 200' Bridge
A simplified 200 foot span concept.

A South pointing chariot under construction.

The design and construction techniques presented on this page are protected from patents by prior art & copyright and I reserve all rights regarding this design. Feel free to utilize this information for personal use but applications involving the exchange of money, require my approval. If you'd like to build bridges for profit, I'd be happy to help you. :-)  Frank Petersohn

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